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Global guidelines and consensus of H.Pylori diagnosis

  • “UBT is the most reliable

    non-endoscopic test to document

    eradication of H.?Pylori?infection.”

    American College of Gastroenterology

  • “The diagnostic accuracy of the UBT is >95% in studies.

    The UBT is an accurate, practical, and readily available test.

    European Helicobacter Study Group

  • “A distinct advantage of [UBT] is that it can also be used to determine treatment ef?cacy.”

    Mayo Clinic Laboratoriesy

  • UBT have been recommended as the most accurate noninvasive tests for diagnosis of H.?Pylori?infection and for confirmation of eradication after therapy.”

    Quest Diagnostics Laboratories

The paper proves that 13C/14C urea breath test is a method with high specificity and high?sensitivity compared with?traditional methods


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