Public relations manager

  • Recruitment category:Public relations manager
  • Job nature:Full-time
  • Salary range:20K-30K
  • Major:Not limited
  • Education:Bachelor and above
  • Posting time:2021-08-09
  • Deadline:2021-12-31 00:00:00

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for public relations work to ensure the company's interests;

  2. Cooperate to engage market expansion and related activities with the company and its subsidiaries;

  3. Responsible for the promotion of the company's brand, participate in various plans such as hot events and festival marketing, improve brand exposure and monitor the promotion effect;

  4. Responsible for marketing model research of well-known enterprise

  5. Conduct targeted publicity activities, contact the news media and social publicity channels;

  6. Responsible for the preparation, printing and publicity of corporate promotional materials and product promotional materials, and obtain help and support from external relations;

Job requirements:

  1. Educational requirements, foreign language requirements

  2. Work experience

  3. Possess rich public relations skills, can properly handle emergencies, and have the ability to respond to changes;

  4. Possess good copywriting and planning skills, crisis public relations handling skills, and negotiation skills.


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