Sales manager

  • Recruitment category:Sales manager
  • Job nature:Full-time
  • Salary range:20K-30K
  • Major:Not limited
  • Education:Bachelor and above
  • Posting time:2021-08-09
  • Deadline:2021-12-31 00:00:00

Job Responsibilities :

  1. According to market development and the company's strategic plan, formulate overall sales and marketing strategies, plans and quantitative sales targets for distributor channels (or medical systems);

  2. Understand the market development, actively explore, and lead the sales team to complete the company's sales targets;

  3. Formulate different marketing policies based on distributors, medical services and other channels to continuously promote the market;

  4. Develop, promote, maintain and manage customers scientifically, and keep close contact with core customers.

Job requirements :

  1. Educational background requirements, foreign language requirements

  2. Work experience

  3, Ability requirements (to master perfect sales skills, have excellent communication skills with customers, excellent outreach and public relations skills)

  4. Work seriously, cautiously, carefully, and have a strong sense of responsibility

  5. Understand the characteristics of the industry and the competition status of the industry.

  6. Collect information about market development and market information, and adjust sales strategies in a timely manner.


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